Marockin' Brass ft Byron Wallen


Marockin’ Brass presents a steaming Gnawa Jazz project with the British trumpeter Byron Wallen and the drummer Rod Youngs. Their new album has been released in 2014.

The connection between the poly layered soundscapes, Q&A-structures and a multitude of acoustic timbres is dazzlingly effective. It all just happens, organically, on the vertex of a dialogue between the sublime section of jazz’s finest virtuosi with Moroccan Gnawa masters. The improvisation language is slashing. The rhythm section is ruthless. This band propels the groove from the deepest spot and infects you with a straightforward energy. Generous and beyond measure…

Why Wallen? Since Luc Mishalle and Byron Wallen first met in 2005 (‘Klinkende Munt’ festival, Brussels) their mutual interest in gnawa music and how to deal with it in a ‘jazz’ context was something of a revelation. In later meetings it also became clear that the writing of Byron and Luc had affinities: an interest in shifting rhythmic patterns, deceptively simple melodies, intricate horizontal interweaving rather than vertical harmonizing, fragmentation of written material etc.

WORKSHOPS & MASTERCLASSES: Byron Wallen, Luc Mishalle and Rida Stitou give several workshops to groups of musicians of different levels. A great part of the repertoire will be orally conveyed and a focus will lie on interpretation of musical structures and improvisation.